Helpful Videos About Buying A Garage Door

Wayne Dalton is one of the garage door industries fore front manufacturers. The team at Wayne Dalton has recently worked towards putting out a series of web videos describing garage door selection tips to help consumers make the right choice to improve the visual appeal and resale value of their garage door and conversely their home. Included in this web series are six individual videos that pertain to the topics of curb appeal, materials, insulation, style and design.

“Wayne Dalton’s new video series is designed to help homeowners understand how a new garage door can benefit their home, whether by enhancing curb appeal or increasing a home’s resale value,” said Ali Isham, Wayne Dalton’s brand manager.

Ali also goes on to describe, “Whether looking to spruce up a home for resale or simply transform its look for added curb appeal, these garage door selection tips are a valuable resource for homeowners, allowing them to make the best decision and find the right dealer.”

These are very important factors for the consumer. 40% of the surface area of your home is displayed by the garage door, if the door is in a poor condition it can definitely affect the value of your home if you are in the market to sell. Yet when adding a new garage door, if the time is right for it, it can add much splendor to your home. You should also consider the energy efficiency of a garage door, especially in colder climates or if the garage is attached to the home.

Thermally efficient residential garage doors to complement the style of any home and enhance its curb appeal. Many garage door models are made from wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, or vinyl. Each model offers choices in panel design ranging from classic raised panel designs, to carriage house designs. Pricing is different for each model and some or more expensive than others. Do not let price be deterrent if you can help it, garage doors are a great investment into your home.

Included in these Wayne Dalton videos are also the topics of choosing your garage door dealer and garage door pricing. These are all important factors when deciding on the new garage door to fit your home. The videos also move beyond the basic fundamentals, the videos provide essential information on garage door maintenance, durability, climate considerations and other factors pertaining to your new garage door.

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