Garage Door Replacement Maximizes Kansas City Home Curb Appeal

Kansas City garage door replacementThose attempting home improvement on a shoestring budget invariably encounter a major obstacle: Every prospective project is either too expensive or produces inadequate residential enhancement. A dazzling new garage door is the ideal solution to this widespread dilemma. Front-facing garage doors pack a powerful punch for drastically increasing the curb appeal of any dwelling.

Immense return on investment

Remodeling Magazine recently featured an article that revealed that new garage doors have continued to remain within the “Big Three” of home improvements that offer the highest cost recoupment.

While deck add-ons and siding replacements also placed near the top, both contenders come at a cost that ranges between $10,000 and $15,000. By contrast, it is common to buy garage door upgrades for less than $3,000. The bottom line is that this home improvement project pays for itself in multiples.

Such extraordinary cost efficiency is due to garage door replacement being the only exterior enhancement capable of converting so much space for so little cost. This is actually no surprise, given that garage doors typically consume over one-third of a home’s total frontage.

Expert evaluations yield shocking revelations

A big assembly of Realtors recently reviewed a series of “before” and “after” photos of finished garage door replacements. After seeing such impressive results, their suggested listing prices climbed between 1 and 4-percent. Assuming a $200,000 selling price, this translates into an $8,000 return on a $2,000 investment!

Brad and Jenny Considine worked out a home improvement budget but ran into problems while trying to prioritize projects. Both spouses wound up very thankful for thinking smart by opting to buy new garage doors.

While their old doors featured a bland style and builders’-grade construction, the upgrades are so adorable that neighbors often stop to admire them and ask where the couple bought them. Bradley said he was “amazed” at the level of aesthetic enhancement that his new doors evoked for his entire house.

Quality design decisions

Brad and Jenn’s new garage doors have small windows with an identical design as those in their home. Bradley opines that perfect coordination is the “key” to identifying ideal garage door designs. Thomas Wadsworth is the current editor for a major garage door periodical. Tom agrees with Brad by advising garage door buyers to go with appealing designs that coordinate well with existing design details.

Present-day styles surpass predecessors

Today’s garage door designers have truly gone far beyond the call of duty. They have devised a huge assortment of captivating color schemes, beautiful designs, and extremely complimentary accessories that help any house look its best.

Current garage door designs encompass far more than yesterday’s endless rectangular rows. Instead, recent garage door renovations offer unprecedented durability and optical attraction.

Caveat emptor

Being a major mismatch for DIY installation is the biggest � and perhaps only � disadvantage of garage door upgrades. Due to the extremely high-tension nature of their internal mechanisms, attempting self-installation can result in severe personal injury or even death due to inexpert installation efforts. In any event, professional installation contractors are aware of many “tricks of the trade” that enable them to complete the job with maximum efficiency and expediency while maximizing the overall balance, energy efficiency, product lifespan, and seamless, silent door operation.

Virtual venue offers valuable garage door views

Wadsworth went on to encourage homeowners considering new garage doors to check out to get an overview of the most recent garage door designs. This platform is a non-commercial site established by a group of garage door vendors. It features many “before” and “after” pics of garage door replacement projects and a searchable listing of local garage door vendors. Simply input your zip code to find a reputable supplier near you.

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